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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Journal 3

Title: Multimedia Application with Animated Cartoons For Teaching Science Elementary Education.

Author: K. Dalacosta, M. Kamariotaki-Paparrigopoulou, J.A. Palyvos and N. Spyrellis.


This study reports research findings on the use of animated cartoons in a multimedia application meant to evaluate their effectiveness in supporting teaching and learning in science. The researchers have developed a cartoon-style multimedia application whereas animated cartoons where designed from scratch using appropriate programs. The study was carried out in various elementary schools of Athens, Greece, and 179 pupils aged 10–11 years participated in it. The research results provide evidence that the use of animated cartoons significantly increases the young students’ knowledge and understanding of specific science concepts, which are normally difficult to comprehend and often cause misconceptions to them.


· 179 students from 18 different public schools in Athens metropolitan areas.


· Various elementary schools of Athens, Greece.


This is an experimental design research, so there will be no cycle but it will have a control and an experimental class. Processes have been conducted in the presence of current schools teacher. Each process was carried out for 45 minutes. For the control group, students come to school, discussed with the visitor-investigator the concepts for 15 minutes and fill questionnaire. For the experimental group each student seated in front of computer with headphone for 15 minutes then they answered question on their own and all answers were stored in computer in .txt file format.


Results showed percentage of students who answered the questionnaires correctly higher in the experimental group that use multimedia cartoon in their study. Multimedia application give an advantage as teaching aid and students enjoy to learn with this application.

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